About Second Story Press

Second Story Press began in 2007 with the goal of providing teachers with creative Spanish, French, and Italian teaching materials.

Research has shown that learning a second language is easy for young children, and that the younger children are when exposed to a second language, the greater their chance of becoming fully bilingual. 

In an increasingly global world, what better gift to give children than the opportunity to become fully bilingual!

Research has also shown that posters—besides adding visual appeal to a classroom—are highly useful teaching tools that stimulate student interest and encourage participation and positive behavior in the classroom.

What better way to engage children in the language learning process than with a series of well-designed teaching posters!

Our mission is to provide teachers with engaging visual materials that will aid students in their study of a foreign language. 

We encourage feedback on our current products and welcome suggestions for new ones. Please visit our Customer Service page to contact us.